Are you subject to violence based on your sexual orientation / gender identity or are you threatened by it? Do you need a safe, temporary shelter?
We, at the LGBTI* safe shelter, are here to support you.
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What is the LGBTI* crisis shelter?

The LGBTI* safety and crisis shelter provides anonymous, temporary accommodation for persons of full legal age who experience violence due to their sexual and/or gender identity or are threatened by it, due to for example domestic violence or forced marriage.
The initial counselling and needs assessment (clearing) for LGBTI* persons seeking protection takes place in the counselling centre of MILES at the Lesbian and Gay Association Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

If there is a referral to the sheltered housing project, there is another meeting with the social workers from the organisation AWO. This tends to be followed by immediate admission. In the fully equipped flat, the residents will organise their everyday life independently and based on their own responsibility. They are guided and assisted by social workers. The support includes psychosocial counselling and referral to other services amongst other things.

We work in a resource- and solution-oriented way. Our main goal is to offer guidance towards leading a self-determined and secure life as quickly as possible.